Tips To Keep Your System Happy

Be sure to have anti-spyware software installed and run frequent scans.

Restart your system at least once every two weeks.

Avoid websites that do not appear to be trustworthy.


Are you experiencing system slowdowns, error messages, or a high amount of annoying pop-ups? Spyware has become the number one computer problem today. We strongly recommend that you have anti-spyware software installed on your PC. This will help a great deal, however the fact is that no anti-spyware package can prevent spyware 100%. In cases where this software can not remove the spyware Baystate Computer Services can manually track down and remove these items for you.

Top Anti-Spyware Products

Trend Protect helps avoid web pages that contain spyware by testing the page before you click on it from a search.

Trend Micro Internet Security is a complete real time security package supporting many areas of the computer.

Trend Micro HijackThis is a utility that generates an in depth report of computer settings. This is recommended only for advanced users.

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