Tips To Keep Your System Happy

Be sure to have anti-spyware software installed and run frequent scans.

Restart your system at least once every two weeks.

Avoid websites that do not appear to be trustworthy.

Welcome to Baystate Computer Services!

Baystate Computer Services is a user friendly computer company that provides both residential and commercial on site services to eastern Massachusetts. We are your one stop computer center for spyware & virus removal, system repairs, networking, and new systems.

                    We are here to  help!
People have concerns about contacting a computer technician because many of them are hard to understand. When we are at your location we will not use computer mambo jumbo that you can not understand, we will explain problems to you so that you can understand them and prevent them from happening again.

         On-site: $80/hr   |  In-house: $70/hr
1 Hour minimum for all services.


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